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Key West is surrounded by reef systems and ship wrecks, making it a Divers paradise. Let’s explore it all together!

Up to 4 Divers, 6 Guest Max

Forget about those big busy dive boats, enjoy the relaxed experience of having your own private charter, with an experienced guide to assist you with your equipment and anything else you may need to make your dive the best it can be!

Whether you’re an experienced diver or just getting your fins wet, we offer dives for everyone. Key West offers an array of diving experiences, such as beautiful reef systems in the Atlantic Ocean to the famous, world renowned USS Vandenberg wreck site, the second largest artificial reef in the world. All recreational and technical divers will find an experience to perfectly fit their needs! Rental equipment is not included in this pricing, just let us know what you need and we’ll have you covered.

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If you’re planning to visit Key West, doing a bit of scuba diving to explore the beautiful reef systems or a shipwreck is a must! Let us take you out on your own private “2 tank”, 6 hour excursion to explore the underwater world of the Florida Keys.

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FROM $800

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